D800 Diary – Day 7

Ok – this is going to be my last daily update on the D800.  I will still post updates but they are more likely to be on a weekly basis.  Over the weekend I am going to do a lot of landscape photography – in the Lake District which is close by in the NW of England.

I wanted to thank everyone for the kind emails and comments on my blog.  It has actually been fun writing – but I am running out of things to photograph on a daily basis!  My blog has attracted over 7,000 hits a day which is amazing – I thought if I got anybody reading it would be miracle.

Sunset TreeSunset Tree – Nikon D800 and Nikon 24-70mm F/2.8 Lens

I thought for my final daily post I would list a few sites that have caught my eye over the last week.  All the sites below have some amazing images and information about the Nikon D800.

My Best Nikon D800 sites >>

Ming Thein First Impressions review – Some amazing street photography using the D800 – and probably some of the first real life images

Flickr Nikon D800 User Group  – Some of the latest images from D800 photographers and a great discussion group

500px D800 photos – A selection of photos with the tag D800 on the amazing 500px website

Some great street photography from Bill Mcdad – great b&w photos in this dpreview forum

The dpreview.com production samples – great site with studio photos

D800 first impressions – Richard Wright talks about his first impression of the D800 – some good photos (keep the posts coming Richard!)

Aurora reflection – One of my favourite photos so far taken with the D800

I am sure other people have spotted great sites as well – please post these as comments on my blog and I will take a look and add them to the list

I hope to post again in a few days time – in the meantime happy shooting!


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